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Monday, January 18, 2010

Weddings - Your Ceremony

Your Wedding Ceremony

I believe in hopes and dreams and everything magical.

I believe that your wedding day will be just that, truly magical and truly memorable.

I love being a Celebrant and I would be honoured if you chose me to officiate at your wedding. It would be my pleasure to help make your Day so special, so happy and so stress free!

Being professional in my approach and giving personal service, reflects my warm and caring nature. I like to get to know my couples, so I hope I can be part of your wedding and the months leading up to it.

Your Ceremony will be personalised just for you. We will work together to create your magical day.

Please allow me to outline the services that I offer and what I commit to with all my couples who engage my services.

● We meet and talk about your wedding ceremony - I come to you!

We discuss the type of ceremony you both desire and how you picture it happening. This is also a 'get to know' each other meeting. It is relaxed. I explain that some legal documents have to be filled out.

The 'Notice of Intended Marriage' has to be completed at least one month and one day before the wedding. If you like what you see in me, we go ahead and complete the NIM. I have to sight both your original Birth Certificates and, if previously married, the Decree Absolute.

I provide you with my Wedding Manual. This is for you to take and peruse at your leisure. In it, there are lots of ideas for the ceremony. There are examples of vows, readings and poems. How about having my unique Sand, Candle, Wine or Rose Ceremony included. If you want to have something of your own included in the ceremony, then that is ok. I will help you with the wording and will weave it into the ceremony.

This meeting usually lasts an hour and a half to two hours.

● We meet a second time before the big day. It's at this meeting that we finalise the order of ceremony, the chosen readings and vows and other elements you have decided to incorporate, if you wish I will compose as part of the ceremony a personal introduction, or your story. Your family and friends will enjoy hearing about the journey you both took from first meeting, the proposal, the engagement to being here today.

● We keep in contact by email or by phone and the month preceding the ceremony I will show you a draft of the completed ceremony for your approval.

● We conduct a rehearsal a week before the ceremony if you so desire, with all the participants present.

● I arrive at the ceremony 30-45 minutes before-hand to arrange the ceremonial setting and to re-assure the groom and his attendants. I will liaise with the photographer, videographer and the person who is responsible for the music to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony. I will greet the bride, her father and her attendants as they arrive for the ceremony. Once in place, I will return to take my place beside the groom, I then gesture for the bridal music to start and hence the ceremony begins.

I believe my ceremonies are memorable and I will make yours so special that your day will live in your hearts forever.

Included in the services I offer are as follows:-

My fee, as discussed at our initial meeting or phone call includes all our meetings, travel costs, parking and GST.

● I provide a table, with a beautiful handmade table cloth for the signing.

● I provide a PA system with a headset microphone for myself and a hand held microphone for the ceremony for the readings or poems.

● I will submit all the legal paperwork to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registrar.

● I will give you a decorative copy of your ceremony.

● I will give you a beautiful, handmade candle, inscribed with your names and date of wedding as a special gift from me.

● Please ask me about my unique Sand, Wine, Rose, Candle or Rope Ceremonies as I can incorporate these into your wedding ceremony.

Please contact me to discuss your needs further.


Glenda Davison JP CMC

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