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Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Namings

Hi guys,

When a new baby is born, it is a time of Celebration.

A time when you as parents can formally name him/her before your family & friends.

A time when you can formally appoint guardians/godparents/mentors for your child.

A time when you can announce before your family & friends your love & commitment to your precious child.

Whether you are religious or not, a naming ceremony can have special readings or a candle lighting ceremony included.
I will supply a small table on the day for the signing of certificates and a PA System for the ceremony.
The naming Certificate and God Parenting certificates are included in the fee discussed. Any extra certificates are available at a minimal cost to you.
A candle inscribed with the child's name and date of naming is my special gift to you and can be used for the candle ceremony.
A decorative copy of the ceremony is presented to you for a keepsake.
My fee includes all paperwork and preparation of the ceremony, travelling, and our meetings, I come to you!
I will make your Ceremony unique, memorable & very special.
There are so many nice rituals that can be included in the baby's Naming ceremony.
Over the next weeks I will be posting some of those but today I will start off with a most popular one..............

A Time Capsule! Can you imagine the look of wonder, fear, excitement,dread and maybe embarrassment on your child's eighteenth birthday when you produce a time capsule that you started at his/hers naming ceremony many years beforehand. I wish I had of had one for my three boys. I suppose though presenting them on their 18th's with all their baby teeth was enough embarrassment. Oh and the baby locks of hair didn't go down too well either.

For your time capsule I suggest when you post the invitations that you ask that each guest bring along something to be placed in the child's Time Capsule.
• Foot and hand prints from the child and the parents!
• Naming ceremony photo
• Commitment letter to the child from the parents and godparents, mentors or guardians
• Baby photographs
• Picture of the house they were living in at the time they were born
• A sketch of the neighbourhood where they were born
• Lock of hair
• Blessing prayer
• List of all the names that they could have been
• The meaning of the names given
• Newspaper clipping about what was happening on the day A bag of balloons or party streamers
• Item of baby clothing
• Dates of when their first tooth appeared, first steps etc
• Cards from their naming ceremony
• A letter from grandparents or family members reliving stories from when they were 18
• A letter from grandparents or elders discussing values or anecdotes they wish to share that could inspire the young person
• Special poem
• A great work of fiction or a fun novel
• Inspiring quotes
• Special minted coin from the child’s year of birth
. An old movie, concert.opera or football ticket
. An old mobile phone with a message on it (don't forget the put the charger in as well!)
. The local paper or a current edition of the Womens Weekly or new Idea.
. Maybe a team photo of your favourite football side (that would be Manly LOL)

I suggest at the naming ceremony to have a basket for all the guests to place their time capsule items in. That way everyone can see some of the things that are in there. Later on make sure a tightly sealed container is used and that if there are any paper products in there to wrap them securely in tissue paper. This way they will keep from deteriorating.

Most of all just have fun with getting the capsule ready and look forward to the next eighteen to twenty years when your young adult will be finally opening it and seeing some the things that were back in the "old days"

just remember.....
An inch of time is an inch of gold
but you can’t buy that inch of time
with an inch of gold.

take care

Glenda Davison CMC JP

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