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Friday, July 8, 2011

Naming Rituals

Hi guys

I am sorry for not blogging lately. It's been too cold! I find that I am spending more time in front of the heater, not the computer.A couple more months and it will be all sunshine and roses. I cannot wait!

I have been telling you about Naming rituals. Today I would like to chat about another one which is most popular,

The Four Symbols......

1/ This Heart represents the Love that surrounds you now and always
2/ This Balloon represents Honesty and Trust, important ingredients in your future life.
3/ This Candle represents Happiness, may you always give and receive happiness
4/ These Flowers represent Growth and Beauty, may you enjoy beauty of mind and soul as you grow with each coming year.

Would the Godparents now sprinkle the petals onto ………. to symbolise life, beauty and growth.

Would (parents)……….. and………. now light the candle to remind you of your love and the internal flame in your hearts which will always burn for your little son/daughter.

After each symbol has been explained put each one into an organza bag. This bag is to be kept safe and later on when the child is older the ritual can be explained to him/her. Silk flowers can replace fresh ones if you prefer not to dry them out.
After the candle is lit it will remain so for the duration of the ceremony and then placed into the bag with the other items.

As I explained in an earlier blog there are so many nice rituals to include in the naming ceremony. When I have my first meeting with my clients to discuss their child's Naming Ceremony I show them the Naming Ceremony Book. In this book there are lots of ideas, rituals, poems and readings, everything to make a beautiful Naming Ceremony. This book is on loan to the clients and then at our next meeting we work on the couples ceremony choices and ideas that they have for the ceremony. From here I can personalise the ceremony and make it theirs. I then have a final meeting and show the clients the finished ceremony, God Parent certificates and the Naming Certificate that I have made, printed, laminated and have scanned photos of baby on as well.
Next is the BIG day, the naming celebration and next week there will be more on this.

Until then take care and stay rugged up!
warm regards
Glenda Davison CMC JP

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