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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ring Warmings

Hi everyone. This week I would like to chat about how all the guests are involved in a ring warming. This ritual is a lovely part of the ceremony. Before the ceremony begins the best man holds the rings that have been placed in a small organza bag.
At the beginning of the ceremony after the introduction & giving away. I ask the best man to pass the rings firstly to the brides mother then to the grooms mother & then if the rings could be passed around for everyone to silently bestow their blessings & warmest wishes for the bride & grooms future happiness, prosperity & unity.
The ceremony continues whilst the rings are being passed around. When it is time for the ring giving the best man hands the rings back to me.
"These rings have now been warmed & blessed by your loving family & friends and will forever carry with them their love and wishes for your future happiness together'
As I said before it is a lovely part of the wedding ceremony and so far we haven't lost a ring, they've both come back!
Have a great weekend. See you next week.


Glenda Davison JP CMC
Coastal Celebrations

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