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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shelly Beach,Manly wedding

What a wonderful wedding it was on the beach at Manly yesterday & very sunny after the past days being very wet! I must remember to take sunscreen next time & also to remind my clients to not only have some cool drinks on hand for their guests but maybe sunscreen as well.

Beach weddings usually need permits & I strongly suggest that these permits be shown to anyone that is hesitant to move from the area in which the wedding is to take place.

Maybe if the proposed area could be reserved earlier in the day with witches hats or marking the area with tape. This could possibly stop any confrontations with the public. After all it is supposed to be a happy day.

Yesterday was a happy day. A beautiful ceremony which had French & Spanish readings & included a Sand Ceremony with different sands from beaches that the couple had been to & then collecting from all the guests some of the Shelly Beach sand for the decanter as well.The different layers looked wonderful.

The afternoon finished with a couple of champagnes, french of course!

until next time
warm regards
Glenda x

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