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Monday, March 15, 2010

I love my job

Hi there,

No new tips for brides & grooms this week.

This week I just want to let you know how much I love my chosen career as a Civil Marriage Celebrant. I love meeting new clients, I love becoming part of their wedding day & the months & days leading up to it. I love creating a ceremony that they will love & remember for the rest of their days together. I love meeting their families & friends & seeing how everyone is happy on this very special day. I love to laugh with them & also cry with them.

I am passionate about what I do & although I am not perfect I try to be as close to perfect as I possibly can. I always give 100% at anything I put my mind to.

Since being a appointed a celebrant in 2006 after doing a course in 2005 I have learnt so much, about people, about the law, about community & about myself.

I was very lucky to firstly start my celebrants course with a bunch of other newies that I now call my friends & colleagues. They are always there for me if the need arises. We keep in touch by having lunches together a few times during the year. We were lucky to have been trained by a wonderful teacher & well respected celebrant.

I joined the AMC association in 2005 & I have found that I am still learning from the many more experienced celebrants than I. The special networking & camaraderie that my association has is I think unequaled to any other. Don't quote me on that as I don't really know, I am just guessing. I do hope there is an equally good association out there.

This past weekend my eyes have been opened to something I wish I could have closed them for. But I can't. I just want to say in closing that I am glad that I was trained properly, that I have had some wonderful experiences & I look forward to many more. And also I am happy that I have a network of celebrants that I can call upon for help if I need it. I now realise that many celebrants haven't been trained properly or have colleagues like I have so I feel I am the lucky one. I think step one for these celebrants would be to join an association. Help is there!

That's it for now, Over & Out.

Glenda x

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