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Friday, May 7, 2010

"Save the Date"

Hi guys,

I know I have been a bit quiet lately but so have the weddings. May & June & July are traditionally the quiet months in the wedding industry This is not to say that I have been doing nothing, I have been catching up with my spring clients & meeting new ones. I have been preparing for the Bridal Fair at the Diggers Sunday the 16th & then the weekend of the 29th & 30th I will be at Fox Studios at the ABS Bridal Fair. Please come along and say hi.

Baby namings are keeping me busy of late.I think girl babies are the "in" thing at the moment as I have 4 baby girl namings to officiate in the coming month.

Back to weddings. When the bride & groom have chosen their date for the wedding it is a good idea to send out "save the date" cards, especially if the wedding is set down for a public holiday weekend. These are just reminders which are sent to the guests months in advance advising what date the ceremony will be held on & for the guests to keep this date free.

These cards may be in the form of fridge magnets, personalised cards or photo cards. If accomodation has to be made for the celebration then include a list of possible hotels & motels in the area as well with the "save the date" card.

It's mums day on Sunday & I wish all the mums a lovely day. I am lucky to have a mum that is also my best friend.

Take care, talk soon
Glenda x

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