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Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Checklist for September brides

Good morning everyone

By now everyone should be coming out of hibernation. I know that I have not wanted to do anything this winter apart from sitting in front of the heater & watching master chef! But this morning I was up early & on the treadmill at the gym by 7.30am (that's early for me!)

For those Spring brides there is no time to be lazing around as you only have 42 days until September starts. scary stuff eh? So everyone up, get motivated, do a few push ups, walk around the block a few times or put the Zumba dvd on & then grab a pencil & paper & tick off the things that are on the six week count down checklist

By now....

All invitations should be sent & replies flowing in. Keep a checklist of who has replied.
Keep a list of gifts received & who they are from. Ensure you send thank you notes within 2 weeks of receiving gifts.
Arrange for fittings of your dress.
Men's suits should be hired or picked up.
The wedding rings would be made & back from the jewellers
All your bridal showers,girls nights out should be planned now.
Book in wedding night accommodation.
All honeymoon travel should be booked.
Make an appointment to see your florist to choose your flower designs
Choose your Master of ceremonies.
Check with your Celebrant regarding her availability for your wedding rehearsal & then check with the wedding venue for confirmation of a time to having a wedding rehearsal. Ideally the last week is best for a rehearsal so that all the bridal party can attend

Hope everyone is feeling like me... ready to start the day after a great morning workout.
Keep watching this blog for my four week countdown checklist for September brides.

Take care
Glenda xx

Glenda Davison JP CMC

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