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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rituals-Wine Ceremony

hi guys

I think summer is almost here but the storms of late haven't been well received especially to my dog, Taz. He is scared of the thunder & barks like crazy. I still have lots of beautiful weddings to officiate before Xmas so I do hope there will be lots of sunny days ahead as well.

The wedding I officiated last Saturday at Belgenny Farm at Camden was beautiful. The couple were both of English heritage so there were lots of guests from England. Having their ceremony at Belgenny Farm was great as the farm is virtually as it was back in the day when McArthur lived there. Lots of history & lots of beautiful memories.

One such memory for this couple will be the Wine Ceremony that I incorporated into their wedding ceremony. Both the Groom & Bride drink from the same cup. The first goblet holds the sweet wine & the second goblet holds the bitter wine.

To drink of the sweet wine means that the cup of life will contain within it the sweet wine of happiness, joy, hope & delight.
To drink of the sour wine means that the cup of life will sometimes hold hardships, disappointments, sorrow, grief & despair.

As the couple have shared the wine from those goblets may they share their lives. May they find life's joys heightened, its bitterness sweetened, and all of life enriched by a constant love.

May their cup of life be sweet, full to overflowing.

There is no reason why the wine could not be substituted with cordial, ginger beer or coke.It is the symbolic meaning that is important.

To finish off the ceremony last Saturday the Bride & Groom released butterflies. That is another beautiful ritual..............stayed tuned til next week!

Take care
Glenda Davison JP
Civil Marriage Celebrant

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