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Butterfly Ceremony

Friday, November 19, 2010

A sunburnt Country,A sunburnt celebrant!

hey guys

I really felt the brunt of our beautiful sunny weather last weekend. Friday afternoon was a scorcher! My groom said to hurry the ceremony up as it was so hot! At the end of the ceremony there was a butterfly release.They didn't hang around, flew straight off to find some shade.

Saturday at the Rose Gardens in the Botanical Gardens was just as hot. Even the roses looked a little hot and bothered but their fragrance was beautiful. I didn't realise how burnt I was until later in the afternoon but I suffered in silence, until now.

Monday I invested in some 30+ sunscreen. I will be well prepared for whatever our beautiful weather serves up to me in the future. At this point I would like to say to all my B & G's that it is a good idea to "slip,slop & slap" the ol' sunscreen on before the ceremony begins.There are so many brands & types of sunscreen protection out there. There are roll-ons, spray type ones or creams. There are ones that are scented or non-scented. There are ones with tinted moisturisers or gel type applications. Far out it was so hard to decide which one to purchase.

Once I did I am sure that I will be happy with the protection I will get in the future. I have two weddings this weekend. I just hope I get the chance to use my new sunscreen. It's raining at the moment. Fingers crossed!

Take care
Glenda Davison JP
Civil Marriage Celebrant

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