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Monday, January 24, 2011

memorable dates in 2011

Hi guys,

Summer is here! Don't forget to use sunscreen when you are outdoors at a wedding or just out for a walk. My husband Kevin & myself went to Tamworth last week for the Country festival and had the best time. It is full on with lots of great bands, buskers, bush poets, singers, musicians of all types. The atmosphere is wonderful & everyone we met were so friendly.I will be back next year! Anyone wanting to get married in Tamworth let me know.

Speaking of getting married. How does 11-11-11 or the 01-11-11 sound? I have two weddings booked on the 11th but haven't a booking yet for the 1st. Ok so it's Melbourne Cup Day. Two good reasons not to forget your wedding anniversary and all the ladies can wear hats to your wedding which is unusual these days. You can have the ceremony then everyone can watch the race. How exciting will that be and what a great celebration each year in the years to come.

The other memorable dates this year were the 01-01-11 & the 11-01-11 I officiated weddings on both these days. Both were at 11am as well!

Another bit of trivia that I just read about was that if you add the age you are becoming this year with the last two digits of the year you were born it will always come back to "111" try it. It works.

I am 59 this year & was born in 52 = 111
My eldest son is 33 this year and was born in 78 = 111
My middle son is 26 this year and was born in 85 = 111
My youngest son is 22 this year and was born in 89 =111
My husband turned 61 yesterday & was born in 50 = 111

Why is this so? you may ask. I don't know! maybe someone can tell us.

take care

warm regards
Glenda Davison JP
Civil Marriage Celebrant

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