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Monday, March 7, 2011

Equal rights for everyone!

Hi guys

The following posting was on face book and I feel so strongly about it that I am now posting it to my blog.

So, let me get this straight...Kelsey Grammer can end a 15 year marriage over the phone; Larry King can be on divorce #9; Britney Spears had a 55-hour marriage; Jesse James and Tiger Woods, while married, were having sex with EVERYONE... Yet, the idea of same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage? Really? Re-post to your page if you are proud to support equal rights FOR ALL!

I would be proud & honoured to officiate any wedding regardless of what sex my clients are. If two people love each other then what is the problem.

The following is a letter penned by a loving mother to her daughter on her wedding day (non legal of course!) I was privileged to read the letter at her daughter & partners Commitment Ceremony last December.

To my beautiful daughter, -----------------
Your destiny was ordained long before your conception. If you love someone would you want less for them then all they could be?
You were meant to have it all, love takes care of that.
Yours was never meant to be an ordinary life, it was meant to be an extraordinary life.
All the planets were aligned perfectly; take a look in your mirror, at your beautiful face.
You were born perfect and your species ahead of time.
Wear your gayness with pride-always. If the rest were blessed they shall accept it legally one day.
There is nothing wrong with you my darling girl.
You were born perfect into an imperfect world.
Your kind is an exquisite evolving race and if others cannot see that then it’s their loss.
No my darling girl, you were never destined to lead an ordinary life, you were destined to lead an extraordinary life and I was blessed to be your very proud mother.
If it isn’t clear to you yet that you were not born to lead an ordinary life but to lead an extraordinary life go forward in peace and happiness always.
Love your mother

Beautiful words from a proud & loving mother,

Take care
warm regards
Glenda Davison CMC JP

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