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Saturday, May 14, 2011

First comes Marriage and then the baby carriage

hey guys,

I have been so lucky since I have been a celebrant. Not only do I get to officiate beautiful weddings but further down the track I am asked to officiate the couple's baby's Naming day. This is when I feel very special and very much apart of their family and I can create a ceremony for them that is very personal warm and caring.

A naming ceremony is a wonderful celebration whereby the parents can formally appoint Godparents, Guardians or Mentors before their family & friends.Together the Godparents light the child's naming candle & every year on the child's birthday are invited to return to re-light the candle & also to do the same on those very special occasions that occur during the child's life. It is a lovely ritual that is performed at the ceremony and is one of many that can be done on the day.

I can't wait until I become a Grandmother. I don't care if my three boys don't get married first, but I would give them a discount (LOL) Hey I suppose I have to wait for them to get girlfriends first. Oh well I can only hope. In the mean time I really do enjoy officiating my beautiful naming ceremonies.

take care

warm regards
Glenda davison CMC JP

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