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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Late Brides

Hi guys,

Well it's been awhile since my last blog. A few reasons being that it is Spring time and lots of Spring weddings although someone should tell the weather as it seems like we are still experiencing Winter.

Secondly I have had laryngitis. Not good for a person in my profession. I have been able to rest my voice on those not so busy days and after taking packets of Difflam tablets, the berry flavoured ones are my fav I am on the mend. All the barracking for my NRL team Manly the past few weekends would not have helped my voice but how good were they in the Grand Final. Loved every minute of it. We are the premiers!

Thirdly I have so many ceremonies in the next few months that I haven't had time to blog! That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

Well here goes and what prompted me to write about this topic is that the past two weeks I have had two brides that have been late to their ceremony. I think that this behaviour is very rude and very inconsiderate, not only to me but to their guests to their photographer to the reception staff to the MC to the Disc Jockey and even to the Limousine driver who is waiting to drive the couple to after ceremony photo shoots.

There is nothing "Fashionable" about being late to your wedding. In fact it is "rude and selfish". If your wedding was scheduled at 3pm then that is when you should arrive. I would always ask my brides to put on their invitation the ceremony arrival being 15 minutes before the actual time. Therefore the guests think that the ceremony start time is just that so when the bride arrives they think she is 15 minutes late but she really is on time.

That wasn't the case with my two late weddings. On both occasions it was just over an hours wait and all I was concerned about were the guests, the elderly ones! And also myself. On these occasions I did not have another commitment but if I did then I would have had to leave after my contractual waiting time of fifteen minutes.In that case I would have had to come back to officiate the ceremony which I am sure would not be the same as if the bride had of turned up on time in the first place.It would be very embarrassing.

Patience is a virtue they say but I also say punctuality is a virtue as well. those that waited for my late brides were very patient but I could see their patience wearing thin as mine was.

But when they finally arrived I put my Celebrant face on and officiated two beautiful weddings. Forgetting the rings in one of those ceremonies is another story.
Maybe in my next blog!

take care guys
warm regards
Glenda Davison CMC JP

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