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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Little Bag of Love"

hey guys,

A few weeks until Christmas and a few more weddings to officiate before the New Year. I have been so busy of late and I am very thankful as well for the opportunity to have met so many wonderful couples and in turn have referred me to their friends so I must be doing something right! I really love my chosen career as a Civil Marriage Celebrant.

I would now like to share with everyone something that one of my young clients gave as their Bombadierre. I loved it so much that I made up some and gave to my Celebrant Class of 2005 at our Xmas get together which was last Friday at Potters Brewery Resort at Nulkaba. The girls loved it! I also am making some "little bags of love" for my Line Dancing friends. Our party is next Wednesday. There will be some toe tapping done that day.

MARBLES- So when people say you’ve
lost them, you can show you haven’t.
5 CENTS- So you are never broke.
ERASER- To rub out all your mistakes.
SAFETY PINS- To hold things together
when they are falling apart.
ELASTIC BAND- To stretch you
beyond your limits.
HEART- To let you know you are loved.
STAR- To wish on…………………………..

(just get a little organza bag & fill it with the above items and type and laminate all the above on card and then hole punch the top and secure the bag to the laminated card)

I love Christmas and I love the festiveness of it all. I love partying and dancing and having fun! So if I don't blog again until after Xmas that is what I will be doing.

Take care everyone and I wish each and everyone that reads this superb piece of literature a beautiful happy and wonderful Christmas and may your New year be filled with many happy days and wonderful moments.

Also if anyone needs a wonderful talented funny and beautiful and professional celebrant please contact me you will not be disappointed....

take care
warm regards

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