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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All things weddings and other stuff!

hey guys

I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year, one that is filled with much happiness and memorable moments. 2012 for me has started in a joyous way. My diary is filling up with Weddings and Namings. I am also looking forward to my trip to Tamworth late January to once again experience the country music festival. My first visit was last year and loved every minute of my stay. If you love dancing, meeting new people and seeing some of the best country artists in Australia and also enjoy having a drink or two or three then go to Tamworth!

At this point I would just like to tell you about my last wedding for the year which was on New Years Eve at 4.30pm on the foreshore at Blue Bay. It was lovely. The weather was perfect and as the bride walked down the stairs and onto the beach and then the rock platform escorted by her father the sixteen guests milled around closer for the start of the ceremony. A memorial candle was lit in memory of the groom's father who had passed away. A ring warming before the exchange of rings and a unity sand ritual between the couple was also a special part of the ceremony but I think what made it very special was the couple's first dance.

It's not often that the couple dance together directly after the ceremony finishes, I have only had one other couple do the same thing and their dance was in a park at 11.30am in front of 30 guests. At their wedding as with this one the guests joined in as well which made me quite emotional. It was vey moving and one of those moments that I will always remember and I am sure the guests will as well.

I might have started a new trend. The bridal waltz at the ceremony and not later in the evening after dinner,speeches and cutting of the cake. You never know!

All my ceremonies are individual and warm and personal so what ever the couples want I make sure that I will not let them down by giving them a lovely professional crafted ceremony, one that they will remember and one that their family and friends will comment later on at how nice the ceremony was. That makes me a very happy Celebrant!

Once again guys I hope this year is a great year for every one. Time marches by so quickly so enjoy each day.

take care
warm regards
Glenda Davison CMC JP

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