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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sunrise wedding

Hi guys

There is nothing nicer in this whole wide world then seeing the sunrise BUT sometimes due to weather conditions it doesn't happen! My sunrise wedding at Port Stephens on Dutchmans beach last Sunday week was one of those occasions.It was overcast and the sky looked angry.
Never the less my Bride and Groom shone brightly. He had tears of happiness in his eyes when she walked down the aisle. All the guests applauded and welcomed the happy couple. This ceremony was all about ritual and bright colours and the love of the beach and friends and family so it didn't matter that we didn't see the sun rise, we saw a beautiful couple unite as one through ritual and beautiful words spoken.
I will never forget this sun rise wedding especially since I had to get out of bed at 2.30am in the morning... hey it was all worth it!

take care
warm regards
Glenda Davison CMC JP

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