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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hi guys

It is hard to believe that we are nearly a quarter through this year. I have been very busy with lots of celebrations lately including weddings, baby namings, re-newal of vows celebrations, birthday celebrations and celebrations of life and even celebrating the Central Coast Country festival last weekend. I definitely celebrated at The Wolverines concert at Davistown RSL with Kevin and friends Cliff & Anne. What a great night it was and I am sure everyone got a great laugh when I was chosen to dance with a shawl and big plastic boobies strapped on me whilst they were singing one of their songs. Actually I must have been good as a few people commented to me afterwards that I did a great job.I tried my best as I do with anything I undertake. I love dancing so I really enjoyed being part of the band! They didn't ask me to join them though!

There is always something to celebrate and to be thankful for. Emotions whether happy or sad can be celebrated. When we lose someone we love we celebrate their living and their memory. When we celebrate a union of two people we celebrate their future and when we celebrate the naming of a child we celebrate their welcome into the family unit.

Another celebration that is very soon is Easter where we celebrate lots of things. We celebrate the Easter Bunny coming and we celebrate Christ's resurrection. We celebrate the holidays by having family barbeques and get togethers and picnics. We celebrate by having egg hunts and going to the Royal Easter Show and to church on Easter Sunday. We celebrate the Easter holidays by not eating meat on Good Friday but eating lots of choccy eggs on Easter Sunday and not to mention fresh hot cross buns with lots of butter. We celebrate with family and friends. Usually I overcelebrate and eat too many eggs but that is all part of the celebration so I embrace it, hey it's Easter. A bit like Christmas,another celebration. So much to be thankful for and to embrace and to celebrate.

So everyone go forth and celebrate! which means "mark with or engage in festivities, perform rite or ceremony or to praise publicly"

Enjoy your celebration whatever it may be.

take care guys

warm regards
Glenda Davison CMC JP

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