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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Celebrations

Hi guys

Seasons greetings and happy Yule tidings to all my clients, friends and family.
What a wonderful year it has been for me and also a very sad one as well.
This year has seen me officiate 54 weddings, lots of Namings and some beautiful Commitment Ceremonies and some very special funerals, one of which was my wonderful, beautiful, generous and loving mother on the 15th June. She died peacefully at the age of 87 and a half. I would give anything to have her back right now but I know it was her time and she needed to go to eternal sleep. It doesn't get any easier for those that  are left behind. I just hope that I can keep her legacy going and instill in my three children the values that she had, the respect for others, the love that she had for her family and the mate ship she had with her friends and the cooking skills she had!!! Don't know if I can ever get my boys to cook like Grandmother did, hey I cannot!

My mum was my best mate but I had another best mate that left me on November third of this year, my little dog, Taz. He was eleven and a half and I am still mourning the loss of this beautiful little creature that loved me unconditionally, that slept on the foot of my bed each night, that loved to go for a walk, that loved to follow me around everywhere that I went, that loved to cuddle up on the lounge with me, that just loved to be loved. Oh, why do we have to lose the ones we love? I do not know the reason but I do know the memories of those that have gone before are beautiful and will last my lifetime and then when it is my time I will go and meet Taz, mum and my other special mate Deb at the Rainbow Bridge. I know it is a special place where everyone goes to be re-united and that is where I am headed when I get very tired and close my eyes for eternal sleep.

I lost dear ones this year but I found new friendships and renewed old ones or friendships that have long past. It is amazing how in friendships that there is always something special about reliving your past. Memories are very special indeed and creating new memories with someone that has been in and out of your life over the years is very special as well.

I am blessed to have meet so many people this year through all my celebrations. I thank everyone of those people for being in my life and I hope that in some way or another that you stay in my life as I am a better person for having met all of you.

I look forward to 2013 and look forward to meeting new people and hopefully renewing once again some old friendships. I most certainly look forward to officiating some beautiful weddings, namings, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies. Please feel free to email, face book or message me for more information of how I can make your day very special and memorable.

At my beautiful wedding this afternoon, an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, my last for this year the bride's grandmother approached me afterwards and thought that I would like to include these words in of my ceremonies.
It is taken from "The Little Prince"

What is essential in life is invisible to the eyes and only seen by the heart.

 Celebrant warm ups!!
 Love my job!!
take care guys
Glenda Davison

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