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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spring weddings,naming and all celebrations

It is the first day of spring and wow what a beautiful day. My first spring day wedding is this afternoon up at Belmont at the 16 Footers club. It is to be held on the balcony of the club overlooking the water.I will post photos next week. We have had a taste of spring already as the past week the days have been so warm. let's hope that it continues like that. Last Sunday was no exception when I officiated a beautiful naming ceremony for young four month old Kennedy Rae. Her two mums are so proud of her and love her to bits. Godparents were appointed and also guideparents as well to show her the life journeys that they too have learnt along the way.They too are a two mummy family so their experience will also guide Kristy and Cheb on their journey with Kennedy. A friendship bracelet was made during the ceremony. The parents, Godparents, Guideparents, Grandparents and also me! were asked to bring along a bead or token of love to make this beautiful gift one that Kennedy can treasure as she grows. A Time capsule with lots of different and exciting things was filled. This will certainly be something very special to open when Kennedy turns 18. Kennedy's grandma wrote a beautiful poem that I would like to share here with you. A poem for Kennedy Some jabs of a needle, So more eggs can be made, Then to take them all out We have a hospital stay IVF do their job An embryo is created Then back into hospital To have it embedded And then we all waited, To see if it attached To mums uterus wall Where it would stay till it hatched Good news was reported It had all gone to plan Cheb was having a baby And everyone was a fan They found out the sex So they could plan for the day It was to be a pink baby And she was now on her way The name was kept secret Until she was born Which became 4th April Just before dawn Kennedy Rae Makepeace Was the name that they chose To give memory to their grandfathers That had died long ago So today is your naming day Kennedy Rae And we give you our love And best wishes too That your days will be happy And your life full of fun As we stand here together And soak up the sun So when you read this, remember This was how we could say We loved you very much on Your special naming day Written and composed by Grandma xxx until next time guys take care and enjoy the beautiful weather Glenda Davison 0414839269

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