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Friday, May 30, 2014

Music is Life

I still have his beautiful piano playing echoing in my being, such a happy feeling, makes me smile. It is a privilege to officiate funerals and each one is very special just as my service today at Greenway Chapel of a remarkable man, a father, grandfather and friend to many. He was well known and respected and he shared his knowledge of his beloved Gosford on community radio 50plus. He gave so much in not only his time to brighten people's days in his community work but also in music in which made people's hearts sing. He was a self taught piano player and together with his band "The melody makers" played at numerous weddings and functions. His music, his piano playing and a dvd of him in action certainly made my heart sing and feet a tapping during todays service. Such a remarkable man, his music which he made his craft was very special indeed. In closing I said, Your new journey has now begun, your music the angels now sing of songs that we hold so close. Music of the heart. Today is a closing and an opening- a saying farewell and a saying hello again. We say farewell to the Russ we knew but also say hello to the Russ that has become part of us, for he lives on with us in the thoughts and memories that we cherish. The song has ended but the melody lingers on. Thank you. This special man has left a legacy of worth, a legacy of love and music and I for one will forever be grateful to have just for a moment or moments been apart of the beautiful treasure that he forged, his gift of music. I still have his beautiful piano playing echoing in my being, such a happy feeling, makes me smile. I think music lives on in each of us whether through a past memory of someone loved or in the day to day happenings of our life as there is always something which makes us want to sing. Just waking up or sitting quietly or perhaps waiting for the weekend to come around. As I sit here now writing this blog I can hear birds outside. The day is over cast and quite chilly but they are still singing their little songs of life. We sing to rejoice and to renew. We sing to remember and to celebrate. We sing to unite and we sing to be happy. Music unites and brings happiness and beautiful memories. I hope everyone has music in their lives yesterday, today and tomorrow. warm regards Glenda Davison CMC JP 0414839269

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