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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Young at heart, never too old!

A beautiful journey of two young at hearts and in love!
"The Journey" Two friends decided to journey together towards a common destination. Before they began their journey they share their expectations as follows: There will be days, my friend, when one will want to walk along the mountain path, whilst the other may prefer the valley, but we will come together at the end of the day and share our experiences. There will be days when one will want to sing and dance, whilst the other will prefer to travel in quietness, so we will choose different paths, but we will meet at the close of the day and be content with our experiences. There will be days when one may want to rest, whilst the other may want to move further along the path, but at the right time we will come together and be happy that each has fulfilled their own needs. There will be days when we shall travel together as one. If we can respect the other's need whilst still fulfilling our own, then our journey will be an experience to rejoice in. This will be the reading that I have chosen and know will suit the couple I met this morning to discuss their wedding in a month's time. Ruth is 68 and Nelson 86 and what a lovely couple they are. They have travelled extensively together and enjoy their cruises aboard the Sun Princess. They own a camper-van and travel the highways and the byways and take off on their little and not so little trips whenever and wherever their fancy takes them. They feel it is time to celebrate their love and friendship and togetherness by saying their vows to each other and making it legal!! Having their children and grandchildren present at their lunch time ceremony to witness this significant life event is very special to Ruth & Nelson. I can see many more journeys ahead! Congratulations guys. Glenda Davison CMC JP 0414839269

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