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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

hi Guys

Here we are three days into Spring & I haven't felt it. Have you? It's raining today & not a good sign for my wedding on the water this afternoon.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful but we cannot dictate what the weather will be like so it is vital that there is a "Plan B" in place.

Check with the reception venue as to whether you may have your ceremony there in case of inclement weather. The weather can change during the course of the day so leave it for as long as you can before changing but remember to let all your guests know as well!

I am sure all my September brides are ready for their BIG day as I know I am. I am looking forward to tears of happiness,laughter & beautiful memories which will be made on their special day. See you soon guys.

take care
Glenda Davison JP
Civil Marriage celebrant

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